Dancing Classrooms has been bringing the joy of its dance to students and their school communities of the Elementary System in Ontario since 2007. We are one of twenty five established sites across North America, Europe and the Middle East. The program serves over 50 thousand students each year globally.

Dancing Classrooms provides an equal emotional, cognitive and behavioral education to children of all backgrounds, whether their home lives are chaotic, or organized and protective. By cultivating a positive support network with ballroom dance at the core, Dancing Classrooms’ ultimate goal is to create motivated, engaged students with essential skills for a successful life.

Our program is prized by participating principals and teachers for its proven capacity to generate change in their students and positively impact their broader community and families.  (TRIBUTE FILMS/DOCUMENTARIES: 2005 Mad Hot Ballroom; 2006 Take the Lead, 2013 Dancing in Jaffa)  DCO Program Promo

At first many of our participants enter the ballroom reluctantly.  Such is the journey of the dance that after just ten short weeks, ALL leave in the joy of being real champions beyond the dance. 
“I can’t wait for the next time”; "can my partner and I demonstrate  the step?”; “it’s okay, I know the steps I will help you “; “May I read my journal entry the next time?”  " I love teaching my Mom and family the dances" 

From reluctance to involved, caring and respectful team members; true “partners” beyond learning steps is the most compelling testimonial that speaks to the outstanding success of Dancing Classrooms as an exceptional social emotional learning tool in the 21st Century classroom.   

In Dancing Classrooms, magic always happens.  As they master the basics of the Merengue, Rhumba, Tango and more, including the fun of free style contemporary dances, students are gaining key life skills of Respect, Self Esteem, Collaboration, Cooperation and Teamwork.  We help children develop Empathy, Compassion and Caring and to go beyond tolerance to truly accepting and valuing of all peoples. .
Dancing Classrooms Ontario is an endorsed program proud of its years of proven service to the Toronto Public and Catholic School Boards, the Model Schools for Inner Cities of the TDSB, the Dufferin Peel Catholic District School Board and the French Catholic District School Board of Toronto.

"Teach the children so it will not be necessary to teach the adults"-Abraham Lincoln 



Dancing Classrooms Ontario is honored to have the special interest and commendation of the Hon. David C. Onley, former Lieutenant Governor of Ontario
Hon. David C. Onley Commendation


Premier of Ontario TDSB 'Teacher of the Year' Testimonial


'How beautiful to see these students competing in such a beautiful discipline. Ballroom dancing is the ultimate teacher of poise, grace, and refinement and the recipients will carry these skills for life." User Feedback

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